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Chronological Updates, October, 2013
27 Oct 2013
I once again allowed myself to get bottlenecked behind a task that required multiple people, and use that as an excuse to spend every weekend and evening doing other things. Until today. I finally got my friend Will to come by and help me buck rivets. As someone who has built multiple experimental aircraft in the past, he knows his way around a bucking bar and was really fast. We blew through half of the rivets on the left wing's top skin in about two hours.

Left wing top skin rivets in work

After he left, I squeezed the inboard row of rivets (along with the 8 nutplates) since this could be done solo. He's coming back in a couple days and hopefully we'll finish off the job. At least some forward motion has occurred this month...

30 Oct 2013
Yesterday after handball, Will came over and we finished off the top skin rivets on the left wing over the course of two hours. Everything goes so fast when you have a good helper!

This evening, I put the pre-assembled outboard aileron bracket in place and did its 10 rivets solo, then added the gap fairings and riveted them in place.

Left wing gap fairings installed

It turns out that I had neglected to countersink the inboard-most holes for the gap fairings on the rear spar, so I had to do that first, but it was not a problem and now the gap fairings are complete. I inspected everything and found one skin rivet I'm unhappy with. I'll be drilling that one out and re-doing it next time Will comes by. I forgot to mention it in my last post, but somewhere in the middle of the outboard wing skin was the 12,000th rivet in the airplane.

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