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Chronological Updates, September, 2013
14 Sep 2013 Started the final assembly of the left main wing body. The first step was to cleco together all of the ribs, the main spar, the aft spar, and the various doublers and aileron hanger bits that attach to the rear spar. From there, it was straightforward to rivet the ribs to the main spar without help. Here's the result:

Left Ribs Riveted to Main Spar

Riveting the rear spar on was even easier, as most of it could be squeezed. At the thick inboard end some of the rivets were too long for my squeezer to get ample purchase and I had to use the rivet gun. There were a couple there that came out bad and had to be drilled out. In the process, I managed to snap a drill bit. More items for the Jar of Offerings to the Gods of Flight:


That aside, I did manage to get the full skeleton for the left wing fully assembled. Here it is prior to me hanging the skins on:

Left Main Wing Body Skeleton Complete

I've got the top skins cleco'd into place now, but will need to find an assistant for that part.

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