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Chronological Updates, December, 2012
25 Dec 2012
Work has been slow this month, but I've gotten a few things done on the fuel tanks.

First, I got the J-stiffener riveted onto the right tank:

Right J-Stiffener Installed

I went ahead and installed the snap bushings for the vent tube, then fabricated the vent tube. I haven't installed it yet because I want to finish covering the J-stiffener rivet heads with sealant before I put the tube in the way.

All of the sensors for the aft inboard rib on the right tank have arrived and are ready to be installed, but installation of that part is also on hold pending completion of the sealant on the J-stiffener.

I set up the right tank for an initial pressure test, with a manometer tube on the vent, a plug on the fuel outlet, the fuel cap in place, and a bicycle pump valve on the drain. I pumped the tank up to about 12" of pressure but it only held for a couple hours. I determined that the leak was between the threads on the vent fitting and the manometer tube, so I had to get some vaccum grease to seal it up with. I've now procured the grease but haven't repeated the pressure test yet.

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