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Chronological Updates, July, 2012
21 Jul 2012
This is likely to be the only post this month; I've been on my honeymoon in Iceland for the first two weeks of the month, the following week of work was insane trying to catch up with everything, and now I'm leaving again for work. So today was my only real chance to get any work done on the plane. Here's what I got done:

I got the right flap skeleton completely riveted together. Here's a picture about mid-way through it:

Right Flap Final Assembly Begins

I neglected to take a picture of the finished skeleton... just imagine the picture above with no clecos.

Next, I wrapped the two nose skins into place and slid the top aft skin in place between the nose skins and the main spar. This is somewhat tricky without help. With the three skins in place, it was pretty straightforward to rivet the entire top flange of the main spar and the forward five holes in each main rib:

Flap Skin Assembly Begins

Here's a view of the same thing but from the bottom:

Right Flap Skin Assembly, Bottom View

The remaining steps on the flap are pretty easy—back-rivet the aft two holes on each main rib, blind-rivet the bottom skin and nose skins on, and deal with the trailing edge. But all of that will probably have to wait until next month.

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