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Chronological Updates, May, 2011
31 May 2011
The last few months have been really light on RV-10 work; I took a voluntary hiatus from work in the interest of slowing down progress on the wings. That way, when I get to the end of the wing kit, I won't have to wait as long until I'm financially ready to order the fuselage.

I did have a second leading edge just sitting there in my shop, staring at me, waiting to be riveted together... so over the Memorial Day weekend I put a couple hours in and got it about half-way riveted together.

Right Side Leading Edge Rivets 

Jeremy helped with the bucking bar and we were able to get through these rivets in relatively short order. It was pretty hot in the shop, so we only worked for short bursts then took a break to watch Top Gear.

I'm hoping to have this section finished in time for the June 8th progress image.

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