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Chronological Updates, February, 2014
21 Feb 2014
Back before final assembly of the left wing, I laid out a plan for the internal wiring and plumbing which required the drilling of a lot of small holes in the forward ends of the ribs in order to pass the two air lines required for my pitot tube and AoA sensor as well as an antenna for my APRS rig. Today I went ahead and populated the shap bushings in each of those holes and ran the plumbing and antenna cable.

Pitot / AoA Plumbing and APRS Antenna Mount

This particular photo is of the bay just outboard of the aileron bellcrank, which is where the APRS antenna will be. The brass circular thing at the end of the RG-58 cable is an NMO universal radio antenna mount. It'll get mounted into the bottom skin once it's on (through a custom 3/4" hole), but for now it'll just lay on the spar until I can get the skin riveted in place. The green and blue lines are my AoA and pitot air lines. These plastic tubes run from adapters at the end of the pitot tube's integral metal air lines in the outer-most bay of the wing to a bulkhead union coupler in the outer skin of the fuselage within the wing root. For now the tubes just hang free at both ends of the wing awaiting installation of the pitot tube (after the bottom skins are on) and attachment of the wing to the fuselage (a long, long time from now in a galaxy far, far away). There was some concern on my part that the air lines might interfere with either the aileron bellcrank or the torque tube in the wing root, but it turned out to be unfounded.

Pitot / AoA plumbing clearance around the aileron bellcrank

As you can see, the air lines clear the aileron bellcrank with plenty of space. The same is true of the torque tube, though there will probably be some interesting air line routing within the wing root to ensure that there aren't any problems.

One other thing that happened today was getting the three inspection panels installed on the right wing now that it's essentially complete.

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