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Chronological Updates, May, 2012
29 May 2012
The last month has been a relatively low-output month on the RV-10; I've had to shift priorities over to training for some major mountain climbs this summer. I did, however, get some work done on the right wing skins.

First Bit of Wing Skin Riveted On

These rivets require two people to do well, so I've been somewhat at the mercy of getting helpers to come over and buck. Jamie came by one night and we did the rivets you see, above, in a couple of hours. I screwed a few of them up so we called it a night and I drilled the bad ones out. He came back again a week later and in an hour we replaced the bad rivets and finished off the inboard wing skin.

A few days later, Jeremy lent a hand doing the outboard half of the outboard wing skin. Somewhere along the line, we did the 8,000th rivet in the plane!

Right Top Wing Skin 2/3 Done

Once everything on the wing skin outboard of the flap/aileron interface is complete, I was able to add the outboard aileron bracket as well as the aileron gap stiffener. I only got the stiffener/rear spar rivets complete; the stiffener/skin rivets should go quickly once I get around to it.

Aileron Gap Stiffener Half Riveted

One more hour or so of riveting should finish up the right top wing skins. At that point, I'll have to decide if I want to move forward with assembly of the rest of the wing, or go back to finishing off the fuel tanks.

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